Lift the Label

Opioids kill tens of thousands in the U.S. and Colorado isn’t immune to the effects of this epidemic. One of the barriers keeping people from reaching out for help was the stigma attached to addiction. Working with Colorado Department of Health Services (CDHS), we interviewed survivors and developed this campaign, called “Lift the Label.”

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Beware of the Beltless

You are 40% more likely to be hurt or killed in an accident if an occupant is not buckled. This campaign isn’t about getting everyone to buckle up, it’s about getting everyone around you to buckle up. The campaign included naming, brand identity, ambient, broadcast, and OOH.

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Recovery Cards

Recovery from addiction often starts with the simple act of reaching out to someone with love and support. Using simple greeting cards, we created a connection between friends and family to show that they are not alone in their fight against addiction.

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