White collar design. Blue collar approach.

All too often, creatives are afraid of the dirty work. They’re too ivory tower. They keep their distance. Truth is, great design requires a little sweat equity. It’s a combination of great ideas and great execution.

It’s theory + practice. Software + hardware. The what + the how. And it’s not having an eye for greatness, but it’s having the grit to get greatness done. When it comes to craftsmanship, there is no gray area.

Creative Direction

Design leadership that still gets its hands dirty.

Identity Design

Logos that stand for something while standing out.

Production Savvy

When you need to roll-out an idea, consider me your conduit.

Concept Development

Campaigns need big ideas that create awareness in a big way.


Sometimes you just need help getting off the ground.

Digital Design

Websites, social media, digital ad units, and more.


Small portion of selected works

Get In Touch

Let’s build something together.

    Having had the pleasure of working closely with Eric for more than 3 years, I’ll say that I’ve never met anyone who boasts a more comprehensive and impressive creative skillset. Even the title “Creative Director” doesn’t even begin to do it justice. He’s as adept at graphic design and production as he is at his art direction.

    Cecil Bozard

    ACD, Common Good

    Even keeled, unflappable, and able to quickly extinguish fires large and small, he's a good man, a quality thinker, and has more design taste in his right pinkie than most folks possess in their entire bodies.

    Cameron Day

    ECD, Writer

    I have had the privilege of working around Eric for four years. During that time, he was consistently reliable, responsive, loyal and an all-around great guy. Eric will rise to meet most any challenge, especially in the physical world. It awes me to see things we imagine come to life under Eric's able guidance and extensive toolbox.

    Robin Ashmore

    President, Amélie Company

    Eric is one of the most creative and driven people I know. His determination to do the right thing and his ability to develop design solutions that worked for our clients was a huge asset to Savage Design and I am sure the clients he is currently working with.

    Bo Bothe

    President & CEO, Brand Extract

    I had the pleasure of working with Eric for more than a year at one of the top advertising agencies in Colorado. Eric is a seasoned pro who thoughtfully blends creativity, discipline and resourcefulness more than anyone I know. Creative professionals of this caliber are few and far in between.

    Doug Jeremias

    CD, D+i