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Visual Identity & Ad Designs

We worked with a shop here in Denver to update the Avid visual identity since it no longer reflected the premium componentry in their lineup.  Working in tandem with another design shop we were able to bring a fresh set of eyes to a well-known brand. Since the focus of building high-end components is a game of millimeters we concepted the mark around calipers used in finite measurement.

In addition to the identity we concepted ad designs for new B2C product in their lineup. The new XX componentry brand, eventually acquired by SRAM, and known for its commitment to engineering quality, reliability, and performance. In the bike world, that also means lightness. We developed brand campaign with die-cuts and ultra-thin paper to highlight the company’s ability to engineer the weight out of their (at the time) top-shelf XX product. The result was a traditional ad that was anything but. 

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