Looking for a creative refresh, but don’t have the capacity to handle it internally? We’ve got you. We specialize in senior-level creative direction and design for companies who are resource-constrained. If your brand could use a jolt of lightning, we can help.


It doesn’t matter if your brand runs, rides, hikes, climbs, camps, competes, or supplements adventure. Brand awareness might be the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced. You have to get known while you’re getting business done. That’s where we come in.   

Grind Ethic is here to help outdoor brands stand out like they’ve never stood out before. Whether it’s Art Direction, an ambient media takeover, an updated look, or a new visual identity system, you’ve never seen creative thought out like this before.

We work harder to build, develop, create, or transform brands into the powerhouses they are. And if you just need an extra set of hands to get the job done with minimal management, we can help there too.

Our immersive Dig & Develop Brand Process follows the project from beginning to end. We work with partners to make sure it comes to life with the right amount of bang, not just because we owe it to you, but because we love making things as much as we love dreaming them up.


Dig and Discover Process


Art Direction, new brand development, or redeveloping what’s there? Our discovery process is customized to determine what you need, whether you have something specific in mind, or you don’t know where to start. In this phase we decide if we’re a fit for your business. 



When it comes to creative development, alignment is half the battle. Maybe more than half. That’s why we develop a strategic brief in collaboration with your team, and then execute with a fast-follow storyboard to show you what’s possible.

Develop, Brand Creation


This is the hard work, and it’s what we love the best. New logo? Check. Website design? Double-check. Campaign? We’ll sweat the details. We can also document the whole process with business-ready brand standards that you can use for quarters to come.

Support, Brand Activation


We leave no project unfinished with long-term creative support to maintain a cohesive, unified brand for the long haul.

Our team can propose ideas that allow you to reach your demographic and find users or buyers in ways you never expected.


Q: Can you work with pre-existing brand guidelines?

Whether it’s evolving an existing brand or starting from scratch, we can comfortably and flexibly take you from where you are to where you want to go.

Q:What can I expect from a rebrand or creative direction project?

The process of brand creative is obviously different for every project, but at the core, it’s about discovering your product’s uncommon value, articulating it through brand voice and audience value, and then executing on that brand voice through creative. This is typically a highly collaborative process, working with your leaders on determining the value, and then executing against your plans. We can help with all of this or just a portion.

Q: How do you discover a brand’s uncommon value?

Traditionally, it’s through discovery – conversations with your team, voice of the customer, and external research to understand the category. A true rebrand project should take into account all aspects of your company before triangulating on value.

Q: What types of companies do you work with? 

Our experience runs a continuum of startups, scale-ups, and seed round-invested businesses. Our core competency is in outdoor and performance, but we have deep expertise in other verticals as well.

Q: Why should I be thinking about my brand?

A properly developed brand that connects with your customer can make everything easier. Sales close faster. Word-of-mouth spreads quicker. Your pipeline will grow more easily. Brand is how companies can differentiate in crowded categories, and it’s where product-market fit really takes off.

Q: How much do you charge?

Our pricing is flexible, and we can develop a custom scope depending on the problem you’re solving, the needs you have, or your budget. Let’s discuss and align! 

Q: What do I do after the brand is developed?

Do you have campaigns in your plan? Do you have a media buy? Is there a goal you’re trying to hit? We can also produce and execute on the brand across digital, traditional, and non-traditional media.

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    Lift the Label

    Opioids kill tens of thousands in the U.S. and Colorado isn’t immune to the effects of this epidemic. One of the barriers keeping people from reaching out for help was the stigma attached to addiction. Working with Colorado Department of Health Services (CDHS), we interviewed survivors and developed this campaign, called “Lift the Label.”

    See the campaign and results…

    Beware of the Beltless

    You are 40% more likely to be hurt or killed in an accident if an occupant is not buckled. This campaign isn’t about getting everyone to buckle up, it’s about getting everyone around you to buckle up. The campaign included naming, brand identity, ambient, broadcast, and OOH.

    See the campaign and results…

    Recovery Cards

    Recovery from addiction often starts with the simple act of reaching out to someone with love and support. Using simple greeting cards, we created a connection between friends and family to show that they are not alone in their fight against addiction.

    See the tactic and the results…