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Lift the Label

Lift the Label

Awareness Ad Campaign

Working with Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS), we interviewed survivors and developed an awareness ad campaign, called “Lift the Label.” Opioids kill tens of thousands in the U.S. and Colorado isn’t immune to the effects of this epidemic. One of the barriers keeping people from reaching out for help was the stigma attached to addiction. 

The Lift The Label campaign ignites conversations about addiction, highlighted the stigma around opioid use, and reminded people of the imperative need to practice empathy in relation to the opioid crisis:

  • 379 million impressions across paid media, social media and earned media channels
  • Over $1 million in earned media publicity value
  • More than 90 million earned media impressions generated in the two months following the campaign’s launch
  • The campaign was cited by the American Journal of Public Health as an example of how structural components of stigma can best be addressed in public health communications

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